• CITY: Chicago
  • GENDER: Female
  • AGE: 28
  • Im a single girl who is in search of some happiness. I live alone. I cuddle as often as possible that I can find someone to share romantic moments with. I like romantic evenings, candlelight, good food and drink and then a massive cuddle session. Although Im happy to fuck head on, I like to lay skin to skin snogging while looking deeply into each others eyes. do you like it? I have my own apartment living alone, I have a real good job that lets me have a lot of spare free time. I like to just meet and have some fun at first with no commitment, i do not feel ready for anything serious yet. age and marital status do not matter. Hope you will get to know me and maybe i will be the one you are searching for. if you are curious to see me you can see pictures of me first here.
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